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The Organizational Regulations of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department (Draft) Have Been Submitted to the Taipei City Council for Approval, Expecting to Integrate Resources to Provide One-Stop Services for Youth

    Taipei City Government attaches great importance to the rights and interests of youth and understands the service should not be just for one generation. Taipei City Government has abundant resources for youth, but they are in several agencies. Taipei City Government has integrated major youth-related projects implemented by the Taipei Youth Affairs Committee with the collaboration of other agencies to avoid overlapping and duplication of work, aiming to enhance administrative efficiency, provide one-stop services to youth, and promptly meet their needs. 

    Taipei Youth Affairs Department will be a youth-centered executive agency. It will focus on developing youth’s international experiences, including financial aid for international study, youth grand tours, international exchanges, etc. In addition, it will foster diverse talent development through internship matching, assistance in exploring sexuality, and career development. The Taipei City Government will also build mission-driven youth affairs teams in response to young people's rapidly changing needs. It will provide comprehensive one-stop services to youth through resource integration and cross-agency collaboration, hoping to suffice diverse needs more holistically and thoughtfully. With the most up-to-date youth policies, the Taipei City Government expects to inspire young people to find their path and create a magnificent future together.