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​Meet Taipei Film Story Contest: Capturing Taipei’s Landscapes on Film

​Meet Taipei Film Story Contest: Capturing Taipei’s Landscapes on FilmAs an opportunity for the public to capture their favorite Taipei landscapes on film, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) organized the “Meet Taipei” Film Story Competition. The contest received a total of 60 submissions by the deadline.
The agency announced the list of winners and their works on November 22. The contestants were able to utilize filming and editing techniques to present some of the interesting scenes of Taipei in creative manners.
Despite the impact of the pandemic, the participants are still able to demonstrate their love for the city through their works. For example, the first-place winner focused on “A Tour Ticket to the Top 100 Taipei Sceneries,” with clips shot at landmarks such as Lin Antai Mansion, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Dihua Street, Taipei Zoo, and Bopiliao.
Other submissions focus on concepts such as how to find tranquility in the busy urban life of Taipei City; highlight local religious culture through scenes from Longshan Temple, or share interesting scenes from Shilin Night Market in the midst of the pandemic. Other works seek to connect the history of Taipei’s development through scenes taken from rides on the MRT, bicycle, and traveling along city roads.
The competition is divided into Student and Adult divisions, with each division offering rewards to the top three works, as well as 5 honorable mentioning and 2 popular vote entries.
For the list of winners and their works, please visit Taipei Travel Net or its Facebook fan page in Chinese