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North Gate Pedestrian Zone to Emphasize Historical Traits

Among the goals listed under the mayor’s Vision 2050, the West District Portal Project ranks as one of the landmarks, heralding urban aesthetics and reshaping the City’s image.
With this objective in mind and in compliance with the city government’s policy, the Urban Development Department (UDD) seeks to integrate transportation principles centered on people and incorporate a human-centric pedestrian environment highlighting the historical characteristics of the area in the future design of the pedestrian zone near North Gate.
Commissioner of Urban Development Lin Jou-min noted the central axis of the West District Portal Project begins from North Gate, travels along Yanping South Road past Futai Street Mansion and terminates at Zhongshan Hall. By implementing a pedestrian zone emphasizing the historical essence, it will help improve the overall environment while connecting the historical buildings in the neighborhood to create an area with strong cultural characteristics.
In addition, Cultural Heritage Committee member Lee Chien-lang took the opportunity to display his sketches of old buildings in the area. Through his works, the characteristics of the historical neighborhood become even more evident.
UDD noted that the first stage of construction between North Gate and Kaifeng Street is slated for completion next year. Depending on available funding in the future, the agency will continue the project and extend the walkway all the way to Zhongshan Hall in the later stage.