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Collaboration between Universities and The Department of Government Ethics-Gaining Professional Experiences through Internship!

In order to promote the idea and backstory of anti-corruption, The Department of Government Ethics, Taipei City Government has collaborated with National Chengchi University and Shih Hsin University every year, providing internship opportunities to those juniors and seniors who major in public administration or public policy and management related. By doing so, students have the opportunities to understand and learn the work process behind the scenes through this internship, and understand how Department of Government Ethics works in order to better promote the importance of anti-corruption.

The department states that this year, there will be 3 interns from National Chengchi University, and 4 interns from Shih Hsin University; starting from March 2016, to June 2016, the 7 interns will begin their internship on their second semester at different department’s Civil Service Ethics Office. Departments include: Taipei City Police Department, Taipei City Fire Department, Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Public Work Department, Department of Education, Taipei Water Department, and Taipei City Hospital. Each intern will have a mentor to help and guide them throughout the whole learning process.

The internship will end at June, students will have total of 75 hours or more in order to complete the course. Majority of the students state that having this internship program let them gain more professional experience. In addition, according to the Department of Government Ethics, those who have done the internship are more likely to become a public servant of the department which eventually increase and bring the positive effects of its internship purpose.