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Zhongzheng Bridge Reconstruction Project Kicks off May 6, 2019

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je and New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih jointly chaired the groundbreaking ceremony of the reconstruction project of the Zhongzheng Bridge which connects the Zhongzheng District and Yonghe District of both cities this morning (May 6). The cross-river bridge, scheduled to complete by end of May 2023, employs open, vault-rib and long-span steel arc structures to meet the requirements of flood control (no piers in a deep river channel) and preserve the old Kawabata Bridge for the Cultural Heritage Review Committee.
The New Construction Office (NCO) of the Public Works Department of the Taipei City Government noted that the reconstruction of Zhongzheng Bridge spans 520-odd meters. Considering the ambient environment and impression of the bridge, the curved main beams of the open, vault-rib and long-span steel arc bridge is located downstream of the older one. It features a dual-arc combined single arc with a main beam spanning 189.5m and vault rib ends spanning 215m. The latter come with open style transverse beams to give the structure an impression of even more open transmission. Multiple cables on both sides pass the loads on the main beam to the ribs and create the impression of a harp.
The NCO added that the reconstruction works will be undertaken in stages due to limited space with the help of traffic maintenance measures including a makeshift bridge and sectioned closing of the older bridge when building up the newer one. The existing and bi-directional 3-lane traffic routes are to remain intact throughout the construction period. However, drivers are required to drive in normal speed and shift lanes earlier to maintain smooth traffic flow and minimize impact on traffic in construction area.
The NCO reminds drivers to go through the construction area at lower speed and observe guides by traffic controllers as lanes after the project begins may shift and be adjusted as required by construction works.