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Typhoon Nepartak Is Approaching

Typhoon Nepartak Is Approaching
Taipei City Fire Department Suggests Citizens to be Prepared
The 1st typhoon of the year (2016) Nepartak keeps moving towards Taiwan. According to the data from Central Weather Bureau on Jul. 4, the typhoon is becoming more intense and it is likely to affect Northern Taiwan. Central Weather Bureau might announce the sea warning for Eastern Taiwan and north-east sea at the night of Jul. 6, and the typhoon’s impact to Taiwan will be maximized from Jul 7 to 8. Therefore, it is essential that we be fully prepared and follow the latest information at all times.
In response to the incoming typhoon, please follow the instructions by Taipei City Fire Department below:
a. Follow the instructions by the government to evacuate as soon as possible when receiving an evacuation notice.
b. Remove or reinforce construction fences, scaffolds, billboards, and advertising signs to prevent it from causing any accident.
c. Examine all the doors and windows. Bonsais should be moved indoors. Flowers and plants should be protected with braces. Other items should be stabilized to avoid falling off.
d. If you live in low-lying areas, hillside areas, or work by rivers, prepare in advance for the excessive amount of rainfall, landslides, and mudslides, and evacuate as soon as possible.
e. Prepare a radio, a flashlight, a first aid kit, bottles of drinking water, enough food and daily necessities at home.
f. Check the safety of the circuit, the stove, and gas pipelines. Pay attention while using the stove to prevent causing fire.
g. Do not go out if it’s unnecessary. Avoid using candles during a power outage; if there you have to, be careful with the fire.
h. Do not approach broken wires for an electric accident, and call 119, 110, or 1999 to notify the power company to help.
i. Install an automatic water pump in the basement and pile enough sandbags at the entrance to ensure the residential safety.
j. Prepare a personal set of emergency shelter kits, including bottles of water, instant noodles, cookies and other simple foods, copies of identity documents, and cash.
k. To get the latest weather information, flood information, and information about evacuation, visit the website of Taipei City Disaster Information site (http: //www.eoc.gov.taipei), or install "Taipei City Disaster APP action". You can also subscribe hydrological information services by SMS or LINE.
l. Call "1999", "119" or "110" if you need any assistance during typhoon periods.