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Session 2 of Yanping Riverside Park Workshop Successfully Concluded

People attending the second session of the Yanping Riverside Park Renovation WorkshopTo collect the opinions and suggestions from individuals who are interested in the development of Dadaocheng’s riverside area and renovation of the Dadaocheng Wharf, the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) organized the second session of the public workshop focusing on discussion in these areas. The event arrived at a successful conclusion and the details covered will be used as reference for future plans for the planning of Dadaocheng Wharf and nearby vicinities which seek to boost the leisure and tourism value of the neighborhood.
According to the River Engineering Session of HEO, the agency places much emphasis on the community’s input and participation since it began working on the improvement of Dadaocheng Wharf and neighboring areas. This is the reason why it organized multiple sessions of workshop encouraging public participation. The focus of the second workshop was upon design aesthetics.
The special guest leading the second workshop is aesthetics expert Yang Chia-chang, who shared with the audience details on urban aesthetics and project results. Yang is also the director of the city government’s “Taipei New Painting Levees” and was able to involve the participants in discussions on plans for the riverside environment.
HEO expressed its gratitude to those taking time to attend the workshop and sharing their views with city staff and each other. An interesting point to mention is that the participants proposed a number of potential ways to enhance changes, such as adopting different design patterns for inside the levee and outside the levee. This approach infuses new energy to the appearance of the levee while retaining the original traits of the old wall.
HEO pointed out that a number of points mentioned at the workshop will be incorporated as reference to the overall plan, allowing public opinion to take the reins of the city. Future workshop sessions will share data on related results, with information posted on the official Chinese website of HEO and its community group boards.