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Capacity Restrictions, COVID Prevention Measures for Tomb Sweeping Festival

Staff conducting disinfection at the bus stop for Tomb Sweeping Festival busesIn response to the rapid rise in domestic COVID-19 cases over the past week, the Mortuary Services Office (MSO) announced that it will cancel the memorial concerts slated for April 2 through 5 at the Fude Tree Burial Area and Yangmingshan Zhenshanyuan (flower burial area).
In anticipation of large turnout at locations such as Fude Ash Tower, Yangmingshan Zhenai Tower, and Yangmingshan Ash Tower during Tomb Sweeping Festival, the city government encourages those planning to pay respect to their ancestors at these facilities to either go early or postpone their trips to avoid crowds, minimizing possible spread of COVID-19. It also recommends the public to choose weekdays over weekends and holidays.
To strengthen pandemic prevention, a capacity restriction will be enforced during the Tomb Sweeping Festival for Yangmingshan Ash Tower (100 people), Yangmingshan Zhenai Tower (100 people), and Fude Ash Tower (300 people) starting March 31.
In addition, when visiting the aforementioned facilities, large families should only send representatives into the building to conduct tomb-sweeping rituals. Those entering the facilities need to wear face mask, observe social distancing of 1.5 meters or more, and have their temperature taken. The burning of incense and candles are also prohibited inside the towers. Those with respiratory problems and fever-related symptoms should not enter and seek medical attention immediately.
MOU also pointed out that an alternative for observe tomb sweeping rituals is to access the Chinese website of the agency (https://mso.gov.taipei/) and take part in the online line prayer session on April 5. Visitors can also pay their respect to ancestors via the “Life Memorial Website.”