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City Reveals Plans for Building Largest IoT Platform in Taiwan

The Department of Information Technology (DOIT) announced that the city government will be working to create an experimental platform to push forth the development of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.
The announcement was made during an IoT forum jointly held by DOIT and Taipei Computer Association (TCA) on January 13. The event attracted the participation of over 700 industry representatives.
According to DOIT, the establishment of IoT network is crucial to the implementation of the smart city initiative. Through engagement with like-minded enterprises, the city government hopes to encourage wide-range application of long-distance wireless sensor technologies of LoRa and SigFox on the IoT experimental platform.
With the installation of LoRa/Sigfox base stations capable of low-rate and long-range data transmission, a plethora of innovative services can be implemented to achieve the goal of creating a more convenient lifestyle for the public.
The services include tracking and positioning of pets, children, seniors, and paratransit bus across the city; remote monitoring of parking space availability, and surveying of underground soil quality and water quality for agricultural or fishery purposes.