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Blooming Lilies Decorate Baishihu Heart Pond

A view from the observation deck at Baishihu The month of May heralds in the blooming season for lilies along the banks of Heart Pond at Baishihu. The wonderful fragrance mixed with the outdoor breeze makes this an ideal destination for a short trip.

Described as “cloud fairies” thanks to its white-color petals, the flower symbolizes long-lasting peace and harmonious results. According to tradition, lily also represents happiness and good omen.

In addition to blooming lilies, visitors will also notice orange daylilies in full bloom as well. Lucky individuals will be in time to witness a sea of white and orange flowers when visiting Heart Pond. Furthermore, with a colony of Angelonia flowers in a plot of land surrounded by water, the visible patch of violet adds a dose of mysterious beauty to the floral landscape at Heart Pond.

According to the Geotechnical Engineering Office, a recommended tour of the Baishihu area begins at the Baishihu Suspension Bridge. Head in the direction of Spring and Autumn Trail until arriving at the Guzhui Wall. A well-located area with plenty of tree shades, visitors can enjoy great views of their surrounding from the observation deck. Walking down to the Heart Pond also treats visitors to a scene of blooming flowers along the banks. The blooming flowers are expected to last through mid-June.

To get to Baishihu, drivers can take the Chenggong Road Interchange and head in the direction of Donghu. After taking a left turn on Jinlong Road, follow the signs and drive down Bishan Road until arriving at Bishanyan, where they can park their cars in the parking lot.

For those utilizing public transportation, take public bus S2 or S2 shuttle from MRT Neihu Station to get to Baishihu.