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Mayor Attended Fencing Partnership MOU Signing Ceremony

Mayor watches a fencing demonstration
On October 6, Mayor Ko Wen-je served as a witness for the signing of the partnership MOU between Taipei Municipal Zhongzheng Senior High School and Taiwan Fencing Masters Association.
During his address at the ceremony, Ko stressed that the government has only limited resources. In comparison, the private sector has almost an unlimited supply of support and power.
In the area of promoting sports activities, he remarked that Taipei City has invested in numerous endeavors. He cited the funding of NT$18 million for the overhaul of the cycling road race practice circuit at one of Taipei’s riverside park, as well as the NT$80 million devote to the renovation of Tianmu Baseball Stadium. As for accomplishments, he remarked that Taipei’s athletes claimed 301 medals at the 2020 National High School Athletics, reinforcing the City’s leading position in sports.
The mayor also pointed out that the City has continued to host major sports events, such as the Tour de Taiwan, Taipei International Dragon Boat Competition, and IFK U21 World Korfball Championship, as well as the upcoming Taipei Marathon.
In addition to sports events, Ko also expressed his hope that businesses and organizations can help in the overall effort through arrangements such as placement and sponsorship. He cited the Taipei Fubon Braves basketball team and Xingfufa baseball team, as well as Weichuan Dragons baseball team which obtained the operating rights of Tianmu Baseball Stadium. There’s also the Taipei J Team, which is the local e-sports team founded by celebrity Jay Chou.