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Enjoy Public Art Displays at Dadaocheng during Summer Solstice

To encourage the public to visit Dadaocheng and learn about the history of this community, the Department of Cultural Affairs joined hands with the Urban Regeneration Office to organize the “2016 Summer Solstice Dadaocheng Public Art Festival.”

A bustling sector of the city since Qing Dynasty rule, Dadaocheng has developed a culture of merchants and trade under both Japanese and Nationalist rule. In recent years, the historical neighborhood has also seen changes with introduction of new immigrants and residents of the younger generation.

The festival seeks to highlight the unique characteristics of the community through public art works, connecting the different parts of the neighborhood and reawakening the memories of old Dadaocheng among the public, as well as shedding light on new possibilities of the future.

The organizers invited 13 artists to create 12 public art works which are placed at important local landmarks. Artist Pan Yu-yu’s “Time Weaving Machine” decorates the interior of URS127 building, while “Footprints” by ceramic artist Huang Chen-chi witnesses the faith of devotees from its position inside the Xiahai City God Temple.

The opening event for the 2016 Summer Solstice Dadaocheng Public Art Festival will take place at 6:30 PM on June 17. The exhibition period will be Saturdays and Sundays up through July 3. For more information, please visit the event’s Chinese Facebook fan page.