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Residents Vote for Development of ‘Ecological Shezidao’

The vote for the fate of Shezidao conducted over the past weekend saw a total of 5091 residents cast their ballot through the i-Voting system, achieving a voter turnout of 35.16%.
Among the four possible development choices, “Ecological Shezidao” garnered 3,032 votes, followed by “Canal Shezidao” (825 votes), “Our Shezidao” (617 votes), and “No Development” (617 votes).
According to Shezidao Project Office Executive Yi Li-min, the city government mobilized 50 staff to monitor the voting procedures and assist voters at four polling stations. It set a successful example of carrying out paperless computerized vote on issues concerning city affairs.
Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong made a statement following the vote. 1. Any plans regarding the development of Shezidao will not be finalized without the review of Urban Planning Commission. 2. The Shezidao Project Office will be expanded to include experts in the fields of hydraulic engineering, environmental protection, and construction management. Communication with borough chiefs and locals will be strengthened, especially related to the issues of floor area ratio and relocation. 3. Efforts will be made to facilitate urban planning, flood prevention, environmental assessment, and land expropriation with a view to injecting life into Shezidao.