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Nanjichang Night Market Offers Deals for Customers Bringing Own Utensils

The activity sign for the Bring-your-own-utensils campaignIn the interest of promoting practices which are friendly to our environment, the Nanjichang Night Market has joined hands with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to offer deals for customers who bring their own dining utensils. The event will last from today through September 24!
According to the agency, participating businesses and vendors will place the activity sign “Proud of Being Environmentally Friendly” at visible locations to ensure that visitors know where the deals can be found.
Customers who bring their own dining utensils (including plates/bowls/containers) to participating stores and order takeout will receive one point. Those who collected 5 points can exchange them for a NT$50 coupon from the Nanjichang Night Market Self-governing Association. The point collection event will last through September 24, and the coupon exchange through September 27.
The DEP pointed out that the “Bring-your-own-utensil” campaign was first introduced at Ningxia Street Night Market on June 5. A total of 800 coupons have been given away. The Ningxia Street Night Market Self-governing Association remarked that there has been a rise of public interest in point collection with the introduction of the stimulus vouchers in mid-July. 
The venders at Nanjichang Night Market now provides reusable utensils to dining-in customers, but customers ordering takeout receive disposable utensils once for free. The Bring-your-own-utensils campaign encourages both the public and venders to support the government’s policy of waste reduction through the minimizing the use of disposable utensils.