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Mayor Inspects Ongoing Construction at Minquan Bridge

Mayor inspecting progress and disaster preventative measures at the construction siteIn the afternoon of September 2, Mayor Chiang Wan-an visited the construction site of Minquan Bridge to inspect both the progress of construction work and the implementation of typhoon prevention measures.

After listening to a briefing by the construction team, the mayor pointed out that Typhoon Haikui is likely to make landfall along the shore of Yilan and Hualian either Sunday night or Monday morning. With land warning issued for parts of the island, the city government is taking typhoon prevention measures seriously and will continue to monitor the progress of the storm.

According to the mayor, agencies such as the New Construction Office (NCO) and Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) holds drills on a regular basis. He cited HEO’s effort in carrying out flood drills regularly for its projects, and HEO remains diligent in conducting scheduled patrols. The mayor expressed his gratitude to staff members for completing all necessary preventative measures ahead of time.

Responding to media questions about separating the closing of floodgates into two phases, the mayor explained that the decision takes into account differences such as geographic traits. The floodgates affected during the first wave of closing – which took place around 10 PM last night – are those in low elevation areas or ones prone to tidal rises or other geographic elements. The second wave of gate closure took place earlier today.

Regarding how many vehicles were towed away during this period, the mayor replied that 129 have been removed as of this point. The complete tally of towed vehicles cannot be determined until after the second wave of flood gate closure at 4 PM today.