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Taipei and New Taipei Collaborate to Solve Problems After the Pandemic

The 10th Deputy Mayor meeting for the Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchanges Platform (hereinafter referred to as “the Taipei-New Taipei Platform”)  was held in the New Taipei City Hall today (July 13, 2020). Presided over by Taipei Deputy Mayor Shan-shan Huang and New Taipei Deputy Mayor Jonathan Chen, the Meeting reviewed the progress and results of recent collaborative projects one by one.

 The Platform so far has successfully pushed for 145 projects in total since 2015. 117 projects have been completed and 28 are still ongoing. The meeting closely went through the ongoing projects to ensure progress. Two cities jointly solve the problems encountered in the municipal administration by collaboration.

Taipei and New Taipei have been sharing the same living circle. No matter employment, consumption, or living experience, the communication between these two major cities is undoubtedly inseparable. Mayor Ko has delivered multiple times that expectation of the Taipei-New Taipei Platform operation mechanism could provide better services to citizens of the two cities.

Deputy Mayor Huang remarked that it is very uneasy to host this meeting after the pandemic. Many long-time cooperation cases have achieved stage goals with the efforts of two cities’ governments, such as the restoration and habitat creation of Hylarana taipehensis (aka Taipei Red Frogs). Although it is only the first step, it is a major process of ecological conservation. 
In addition, Taipei and New Taipei also have a consensus on the YouBike 2.0 version that citizens are most concerned about recently. Regarding the issue of cross-city loan and return integration, a cooperation case has been established. In the future, the Taipei-New Taipei Transportation Bureau will take the best interests of the citizens of the two cities as the priority consideration and cooperate, and providing high-quality services to meet the needs and expectations of the citizens for public bicycles. 

Finally, as the domestic epidemic has slowed down, the central government’s Triple Stimulus Vouchers policy will be launched on July 15. During the summer vacation, Vice Mayor Huang also hopes that the two cities will strengthen cooperation on tourism and related cooperation projects. By bringing the crowds and spending power into the two cities, a win-win situation can energize and drive the overall economy. In the near future, the two cities will continue to pay attention to the actual needs of the citizens, propose cooperation, uphold the concept of co-prosperity and coexistence, and create a more convenient and prosperous future for the citizens.