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Mayor: Development Plans Promise Future Prosperity for Wanhua District

Mayor Ko Wen-je participated in a historical site tour. He had the opportunity to walk around Wanhua District as part of the “2016 Old Taipei・New Highlight” initiative.

During his address, the mayor noted that Wanhua District boasts rich cultural heritage, encompassing Longshan Temple, Qingshan Temple, Bopiliao, and other historical sites. It also provides wonderful opportunities for industry upgrade that could lead to prosperity.

Ko added that in an age with high demands for e-commerce, logistics, and quality, upgrading businesses is the best way to stave off competition. He has high expectations for the development of Wanhua, as the district possesses abundant resources in humanity and tourism, is home to the DESIGN Atelier which provides pattern drafting and sampling services for apparel and accessory businesses, and the fact that 70 percent of the island’s designers are based in Taipei.

With the inauguration of the twin skyscrapers “Gate of Taipei,” a large influx of tourists can be expected, bringing in new commercial opportunities and boding well for the development of Wanhua garment district, the mayor reckoned.

Ko expressed his gratitude to the director of Wanhua District and the commissioner of Social Affairs for their effort in resolving the issue of homeless people at Monga Park. The reconstruction of Huannan Market and the First Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market, which will be modelled on Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market, will also seek to boost the number of foreign visitors.

Answering media questions about what attracted his attention during the visit to Fashion Institute of Taipei (Xiyuan 29), the mayor remarked that he is mostly impressed with the cut-resistant fabric, an achievement of Taiwan’s textile industry thanks to technological advances.