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Turkish-Taiwanese JV “MADO-Taiwan” set up in Nangang

* On April 24, MADO-Taiwan held its grand opening in Taiwan. MADO and TECO teamed up to jointly establish a business venture called MADO-Taiwan in the Nankang Software Park.

Guests at the opening event included Turkish Trade Office Representative Murat Baklaci; Northern Region Industrial Parks Administration Office CEO Chen Hsin-liang; Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research President Chen Ssu-kuan; and many other representatives from government and industry. Mayor Ko Wen-je also made an appearance to convey his good wishes to the founders of the joint venture. Over 100 guests attended the event.

Mayor Ko stated that the joint venture of MADO and TECO in Taipei is a direct result of a Taipei City trade delegation that visited Europe in 2018, which included seminars, company visits, and matchmaking events in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and Turkey. This has led to MADO and TECO signing an agreement to explore a joint venture. The active support and one-stop service from the Invest Taipei Office (ITO) helped establish MADO-Taiwan in Taipei quickly.

The mayor went on to cite numerous similar cases of foreign-invested ventures in Taipei, including Sushiro and Fina Text from Japan, Schoolab from France, etc. These were all served by one-stop service from the ITO, which has helped them get established in Taipei quickly. Since TECO relocated to Nankang Software Park, numerous specialty stores and restaurants have moved in as well, raising the convenience and quality of life for staff working in the software park. The growing number of people working at the software park has given rise to new supportive services being opened around the software park, which creates employment as well as additional high-end consumption options.

Founded 170 years ago, MADO operates over 300 coffee shops and restaurants in Turkey and 22 other countries. Its ice cream is made with goat milk, churned by hand which makes the ice cream so thick, chewy and unique. It is a must-eat for travelers visiting Turkey. The joint-venture in Taipei aims to set off a new fashion in ice cream around Taiwan. TECO has businesses in food and beverage, electronic control, communication, information technology, logistics, and others. Among its 13 food and beverage brands, the MADO-Taiwan venture is the first collaboration with a European food brand.

For further information, please visit or follow the Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development website and Facebook fan page “StartUP@Taipei.”