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New YouBike Station on Muxin Road

The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the opening of a new YouBike Station at “Muxin Road Section 2 Lane 158” on July 22.
The new rental station is located in close proximity to residential areas, as well as Wenshan District Office and MRT Muzha Station. It offers local residents convenient transportation means for travel within the Muzha area and transfer to the Wenhu Line.
The rental station is equipped with 15 parking poles (30 parking positions).
With the inauguration of the new YouBike Station at Muxin Road, the total number of YouBike rental stations in Taipei City has reached 251, served by a fleet of 8,221 public rental bicycles.
For more information on YouBike stations, please call the 1999 Citizens Hotline or the YouBike customer service center (TEL: 02-89785511). Details are also available on the Chinese websites of DOT (www.dot.taipei.gov.tw) and YouBike (www.youbike.com.tw).