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The Women's and Children's Protection Division Invites You to Visit the Hottest Police Day Check-on Destination

* The Women's and Children's Protection Division of the Taipei City Police Department opened its doors to the public on Police Day (June 15), with a giant inflatable police doll and vibrantly colored balloon wall designed for the public to take photos with. The squad car and policewomen are also among the most popular photography subjects for children.

The event not only satisfies the public's passion for photography but also allows them to see how police officers carry out their duties. It is hoped that the dynamic experience will bring people closer to the police, forging a friendly relationship during the process.

During the event, police officers from the Women's and Children's Protection Division took the citizens on a guided tour of their workspace, explaining to them the purposes of the interrogation room, interview room, and duty counter, as well various equipment, demonstrating a professional image and approachable demeanor.

In addition, a film documenting the history of the Women's and Children's Protection Division produced in-house was screened in the lobby, showing how female police officers used to patrol the streets on red Vespa scooters. The visitors all gasped in astonishment and amusement after watching the video.

According to the Women's and Children's Protection Division, “The event illustrates police work to the public, and is combined with dynamic, creative elements to enhance the value of participating in the activities. It is hoped that everyone's photos will become the best memorabilia from the 2019 Police Day.”