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2019 Summer Camps at City Sports Centers, Tennis Center Ready for Sign-Up

* For this sweltering hot summer, various Taipei District Sports and Tennis Centers have organized a series of 2019 summer camps offering activities related to sports & skill activities, body coordination, creative brainstorming and self-exploration.

These activities will start from mid-June onwards for kids to experience a fantastic and diverse summer. Of all activities, the Taipei Tennis Center will kick off with a health and family-oriented seminar on physical and mental activated exercises on May 26 as a warm-up for the upcoming summer fun.

Besides single-sport summer camps for basketball, badminton, table tennis and swimming, as well as football, tennis, squash, diabolo, figure skating, bouldering and dance, there are also integrated camps like the Happy Kids’ Experiential Camp in the Zhongshan Sports Center. Such mixed camps offer a wide variety of classes such as board games, DIY science workshops and field trips in addition to sports like various ball games, rock climbing, swimming, diabolo, self-defense & fitness, aerobic boxing, kiddy Kabaddi, Tee Ball and dodgebee. The goal is for children to explore and cultivate their sports interests, while having diverse learning experiences through educational puzzle courses.

There are other goal-specific sports camps that target one single sport and make it as educational as it is fun and dynamic. For instance, the English Basketball Workshop newly launched by the Beitou District Sports Center covers both education and entertainment by having participants learn English while playing basketball. The NASA Parent-Child Diving Camp hosted by Nangang District Sports Center aims at promoting parental bonding. Guided by professional coaches, parents and their kids can bond over a diving session in a five-meter pool. For further 2019 summer camp details, please call or inquire in person at the first floor counter of all sports centers or visit the websites. All children are welcome to join us for a fun summer.