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2019 Twin-City Forum Medical Technology Development Sub-forum a Huge Success

Medical Technology Development Health (DOH) Commissioner Huang Shier-chieg, Shanghai Municipal Health Commission Secretary Huang Hong and Director Wu Jing-lei led delegates from both sides in co-hosting the Medical Technology Development Sub-forum at the 2019 Twin-City Forum in Shanghai today (July 4, 2019). The event invited top physicians to share their experiences and developments in cutting-edge clinical medical technology, as well as to discuss their R&D and application-related agendas.

Taipei and Shanghai began co-hosting the Twin-City Forum in 2010, where both cities engage in discussions on topics pertaining to environmental protection, tourism, culture & creativity, education, transportation, and medical care by building an intercity dialogue platform. The DOH and Shanghai Municipal Health Commission (formerly the Shanghai Municipal Health & Family Planning Commission) signed the Medical Care and Health Exchange MOU in 2011 to establish a platform for officials from both cities to visit each other, strengthen cooperation, and expand the scope of exchange in order to benefit the people. Since the signing of the MOU, both parties have engaged in frequent exchange and sharing of experiences on health and medical care-related issues, in turn obtaining a more comprehensive understanding of one other.

Since 2015, in supporting Mayor Ko Wen-je's innovative “Private Initiative Supported by Government Resources” policy, 4 sub-forums including Community Medical Care, Medical Care and Health, Community Health, and Big Health Industry have been introduced as of 2018. Moreover, both cities also gained insight into each other's community medical care systems and health industries through these sub-forums and visits, and medical care and health care professionals were able to share their experiences with one another.

This year, the DOH and Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reached a consensus to designate Medical Technology Development as the theme of the sub-forum, inviting physicians in the field of clinical medicine to share their experience in current developments in hematology and oncology, cardiovascular surgery, and liver treatment. The event serves as a platform for these professionals to share and exchange the practical experiences of both cities in the development of medical technology.

The forum began with a speech by Shanghai Municipal Health Commission Deputy Director Qin Jing entitled "Take the Helm, Reinforce Your Core Strengths, and Spread Your Wings" to Increase the Popularity of Shanghai's Medical Service Brand as a precursor to the opening of the sub-forums. This was followed by the convener of Taipei sub-forum, also the Taipei City Hospital Deputy Superintendent Weng Lin-chung's speech entitled Transformation and Balance of Taipei City Hospital's High-tech, Heartwarming Medical Care, emphasizing that Taipei City Hospital has focused on the core trends of medical care and applied technologies such as communication software, cloud platform, big data, and AI to seamlessly integrate medical care, home, community, and long-term care. With patient-oriented doctor-patient values, the purpose of the hospital is to usher in the new era of smart medical cities.

For the experience sharing that afternoon, the convener of the Taipei sub-forum, Deputy Superintendent Weng and Shanghai Municipal Health Commission Deputy Secretary Zheng Jin served as the moderators to present the first speech and make introductions, where top physicians from Shanghai and Taipei served as panelists to share their expertise in fields of clinical medicine such as multiple myeloma, cardiovascular surgery, and liver transplant and treatment.

The first round of experience sharing was conducted by Director Mi Jian-qing of the Hematology Department at Ruijin Hospital (affiliated with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine), who presented a speech entitled Groundbreaking Developments in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma, followed by the attending physician of the Department of Internal Medicine at National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) Huang Sheng-i 's presentation entitled Current Developments in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma and Future Outlook, which explores the morbidity of multiple myeloma in Taiwan, current treatment developments, and future outlook from a professional, analytical perspective.

The second round of experience sharing was conducted by Director Zhou Da-xino from the Department of Cardiology at Fudan University’s Zhongshan Hospital, who presented a speech entitled First Cardiac Apex Bicuspid Valve Clamp Developed in China has Undergone Clinical Research, followed by the presentation by NTUH Cardiovascular Center Director Chen I-hsiang on The Evolution of Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) – From a Follower to a Leader, which explores the development process of ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation). Director Chen and his team have been dedicated to the research ECMO since its introduction to Taiwan, and the presentation embodies the obstacles they have encountered along the way as well as the outcome of clinical trials.

The third round of experience sharing was conducted by the Deputy President of Renji Hospital affiliated to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine Xia Qiang, who presented a speech entitled Pioneering Pediatric Liver Transplantation. This was followed by Taipei City Hospital Department of Surgery Director Ting Chin-tsung's presentation on Holistic Care of Liver Cancer Surgery Patients – Sharing the Experience of Community Hospitals, where both parties engaged in detailed professional analyses and discussions on pediatric liver transplantation and liver cancer surgery.

The fourth and fifth round of experience sharing was conducted by the President Wu Hao of Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital affiliated to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and Liu Kun, the director of Ophthalmology Department at Shanghai General Hospital. The experts conducted a professional speech entitled First Auditory Brainstem Implant for Children with Congenital Hearing Loss and The Creation of Research Type Ophthalmology Departments respectively, sharing the latest developments in medicine with delegates and guests from Taipei.

Lastly, both parties conducted an ORID on 2 topics: Application of AI in Medicine, and Facilitation of the R&D and Application of New Drugs and Medical Equipment via Clinical Research. During the meeting, both parties engaged in enthusiastic discussions and exchange, while medical experts from both cities also acquired new knowledge through the sub-forum, which garnered wide praise. With planning from the Taipei City Government, the DOH aspires to facilitate further medical-related exchanges and visits in order to engender a brand new future for medical technology development.