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Muzha Farmer Wins Top Honor at Bamboo Shoot Competition

Rows of bamboo shoots ready for evaluationThe Third Edition of the Taipei City Green Bamboo Shoot Quality Evaluation Session took place at the Taipei Expo Park Farmers’ Market on June 19. Over 143 entries were submitted by farmer across Taipei’s administrative districts for the judges to examine.
For this year’s contest, the winner of the “King of Green Bamboo Shoots” category is farmer Chou Liang-fu from Muzha. Shilin district’s Chang Li-chueh took first place in the “King of Sweet Bamboo Shoots” category. All awards will be presented to the winners during the ceremony at Taipei Expo Park slated for June 20.
For the bamboo shoot competition, all submissions have to undergo pesticide residue testing first. After clearing the initial stage, each specimen will be assessed based on elements such as looks, texture, hardness, and sweetness. The looks and texture accounts for 35-percent of the final score, while hardness and sweetness take up 30-percent and 35-percent, respectively.
The Taipei City Green Bamboo Shoot Quality Evaluation boasts is the largest bamboo shoot contest in northern Taiwan, and the competition yields the most points this year. The organizers noted that the average score on the sweetness scale for green bamboo shoots this year is 6.6, while sweet bamboo shoots even go as high as 7.7!
According to the Department of Economic Development, the primary objective for organizing the green bamboo shoot contest is to offer an opportunity for local bamboo growers to meet and exchange experiences and best practices. It stressed that the samples submitted this year all demonstrate above-average sweetness and quality, bearing witness to the quality of Taipei’s bamboo shoots.