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​YDO Holds Career Seminar Featuring Talk by Perfumer

​YDO Holds Career Seminar Featuring Talk by PerfumerThe Youth Development Office (YDO) held a seminar featuring perfumer Vic Ho. Unveiling details on what being a perfumer is like, Ho shared with the audience valuable knowledge and experience related with the trade, allowing them to learn more about this mysterious expertise.
In addition to being a perfumer, Ho is also the founder of AromaCreator and boasts experience in domains spanning education training to international trade. During the seminar, he also mentioned that his job can be divided into “to B” (businesses) and “to C” (the public) aspects.
When dealing with companies, he needs to understand what the client’s customers are like and what the appeals of the client’s product include. He needs to design specific perfumes for each client, as well as finding the appropriate aroma that matches best with the client’s product.
As for interactions with the public, the workshops he organized through AromaCreator allow participants to create their own unique perfumes. These novelties are the manifestation of the emotions and feelings of their creators. He remarked that as a child he knows what being a perfumer takes, even though his real interest lies in the domain of human resource. However, it didn’t take him long to figure out that the two areas can be integrated to form a new commercial model with business opportunity.
While the seminar attracted a large number of female participants, he believes that having the audience talk about the aroma they enjoy helps others to learn about the perfume they like the best. Ho also talked about how perfume companies operate, promote merchandise, and conduct procurement. He also shared some of the latest market trends.