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Vitality 321 GO! GO! Let’s Memorize Together~

With the population ageing, the population with dementia has been continuously increasing. According to the statistics, the elderly above 65 years old is around 380,527 in Taipei City. Estimated population with dementia is possibly excessed 20,000, however, only 7,000 of them were diagnosed with dementia and received disability card. Over 65% of dementia population is still unidentified in our community. Without proper knowledge about dementia, people are easy to confuse dementia with ageing and miss the best period for dementia treatments at early stage. In addition, how to prevent and decrease dementia is a public concern for all of us. Recently, Department of Health, Taipei City Government promotes the concept of dementia prevention through “Vitality 321, Healthy Brainpower.” “Vitality 321” means three balanced meals a day, two brain exercises a day, and one interaction with people a week.

To further enhance the completeness and continuity of the dementia care, Department of Health, Taipei City Government provides dementia screening and diagnosis at 12 health centers and 10 hospitals. For confirmed dementia cases, the Department offers case management service to help and support family members of dementia patients. Hope citizens of Taipei City can care the elderly in their family to achieve early prevention, early diagnosis, and slower degeneration for dementia. Let’s build an Age-Friendly City together.

More information can be found at Taipei City Government Dementia Service Network or Taiwan Catholic Foundation of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia's website.