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Discount for Taipei City Parking Fees via Third-party Payment through End of June

The Parking Management Office (PMO) led the nation in introducing the ‘pay for parking via smart phone’ service in 2015.
By downloading the parking app and scanning the parking notice with their smart phones and selecting a credit card company, drivers will be able to pay for parking online. All transaction fees are covered by the PMO.
According to PMO, a total of 1,600 transactions took place over the third-party payment service in the month of November 2015. However, the figures jumped to 70,000 transactions in April 2016, indicating a growth of 44 times.
Furthermore, those who utilize either the “Pi Mobile Wallet” or “AllPay” apps to pay for their parking will enjoy a 5-percent discount offered by the PMO. In addition, the third-party payment partners also offer a 21-percent discount as well. These offers end at the end of June.
Regarding questions about the security of online payments, PMO explained that internet transactions are extremely popular in the private sector, and parking fee payment is only one among many of the transactions taking advantage of the technology. Furthermore, there are regulations put in place by the Financial Supervisory Commission to safeguard information safety during related transactions.