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City Strengthens Safety Management of Coin Laundries

A local coin laundryIn the interest of strengthening the safety management of coin laundries with devices running on gas, the city government revised the Taipei City Coin Laundry Safety Management Regulations on October 27, 2020. 
The updated measures require coin laundry businesses to strengthen self-management and complete self-inspections within 6 months. At the same time, it makes it mandatory for coin laundries with gas-powered devices to collaborate with gas companies to install microcomputer gas meters with emergency gas-shutting function. Those with devices running on liquefied petroleum (LP) gas need to install electric brakes. The updated measures make it mandatory for coin laundry operators to install either gas or carbon monoxide alarm which are interlinked with either the gas meter or the electric break, as well as conducting checkups every 6 months.
Furthermore, the Department of Economic Development (DOED) also devised a rough draft of the Taipei City Coin Laundry Safety Management Self-governing Regulations which is published on volume 213 of the Taipei City Government Gazette with a notice period of 30 days. During this period, city hall invites concerned citizens and coin laundry operators to submit their opinions in writing or via email. More information is available at both the Chinese websites of Taipei City Bylaw Query System (https://www.laws.taipei.gov.tw/lawsystem/wfDraft_Opinion.aspx?ID=290) and the Taipei City Gazette (https://gazette.gov.taipei/opinionemail).
A public hearing session organized by the DOED will also take place at the B1 multipurpose space at city hall starting at 2:30 PM on Wednesday, November 25. Citizens and coin laundry business representatives can also voice their opinions and concerns at the event.
To minimize the chance of accidents similar to the LP gas explosion at a coin laundry in Tainan on November 7, DOED has been working with the Fire Department and 4 major gas companies in Taipei to conduct joint inspections since September 1. Hopefully, the spot checks and revised regulations will encourage coin laundry businesses in Taipei to improve safety management of their stores, thereby protecting the safety and properties of citizens.