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TPL: Looking for Old Photos of Taipei from Your Collection!

An old photo of TaipeiTo provide an accurate record of Taipei’s past eras, the Taipei Public Library (TPL) is organizing the “Taipei Memories – Open Call for Old Taipei Photos” activity which will last through August 31.
Some examples which TPL have collected through open calls include the following: East Gate which was constructed during Qing Dynasty; a noisy street-side banquets from the Nationalist era; bustling activities at Chunghwa Market, and various scenes from the past that bears witness to Taipei’s culture and customs.
Such photos shed light upon Taipei City’s changes and transformation across different periods and eras, enabling us to resurrect scenes from the past – especially places and people that are no longer with us today. A century’s worth of memory become images frozen into individual photos.
Whether you are a visitor who makes occasional trips to Taipei or a longtime resident of the city, the event will prompt you to look through old family albums in search for photographs that evoke nostalgia and memories of Taipei.
To encourage photo submissions, TPL pointed out that owners of photos chosen through the activity are eligible to receive a copyright payment between NT$300 and NT$5,000 per photo. For more information, please visit the Chinese website of TPL (https://tpml.gov.taipei), inquire at the information desk of any TPL branches, or call 02-27552823, ext. 2801.