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Taipei’s Vaccination Booking System Now Available Mondays, Tuesdays

 Deputy Mayor Tsai at Taipei’s COVID-19 press update eventIn response to the spike in COVID-19 vaccination demand over the past week, the city government announced that Taipei’s Vaccination Booking System will offer service to citizens starting January 10.
The system will be accessible Mondays and Tuesdays (for this week: January 10 and 11) to accept reservation for the following week (during this period, users can make appointments for January 17 through 21). Those eligible to book shots include individuals who are not vaccinated or have yet to receive their second shot, as well as those who received their second shot before October 25, 2021 and now qualified for a booster shot.
According to the Department of Health (DOH), considering the large demand for Moderna vaccine, clinics and outpatient departments in Taipei will provide Moderna vaccine between January 17 and 21, while hospitals will offer BNT vaccine. Appointments for first dose, second dose, and booster shots for all COVID-19 vaccine brands (AZ, BNT, Moderna, and Medigen) will be based on availability. Those requiring specific vaccines can utilize the respective hospital’s reservation system.
On January 8, a total of 62,620 people completed booking via the extra session of Taipei’s Vaccination Booking System. A total of 54,943 people reserved booster shots, while 7,677 individuals signed up for first and second shots.
The DOH calls upon those belonging to categories 1 through 3 and those under high risk groups to take their booster shots as soon as possible to protect their own health. Regarding the choice of booster shot, for those whose primary series include Moderna, BNT, or Medigen, the recommendation is Moderna (half-dose), BNT, Medigen, or AZ. For those whose took AZ for primary series, their booster shot options include Moderna (half-dose), BNT, or Medigen. If he or she suffered any side effects during their first or second shot, they can select other COVID-19 brands for their booster shot.
 For questions, please call the 1922 Pandemic Prevention Hotline or the agency (TEL:2375-3782).