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Taipei’s charm makes travelers “accidently” repeatedly visiting

Taipei has placed in the must-visit place lists multiple times in international rankings, its rich and diversified travel resources attract foreign travelers to visit repeatedly. According to Taipei City Government’s Department of Information and Tourism’s “Report on visitors expenditure and trends in Taipei”, the number of foreign travelers visiting Taipei city has grown each year and usually they visit multiple times during a short period. Many tourists indicated that Taipei is a friendly and lovely city. Taipei’s delicious street food, scenic views and various large shopping districts leave memorable experiences which make them can’t help themselves but to “accidentally” buy plane tickets so they could come back to enjoy these experiences again.
The main purpose of the Department of Information and Tourism’s “Report on visitors expenditure and trends in Taipei” conducted by Stoics Market Research Company is to project and estimate the frequency, number of people, travel motivation, trends, spending, impression of Taipei city and trip satisfaction of foreign tourists visiting Taiwan. The surveying period is from January 1st to December 31st of the surveying year focusing on foreign and oversea compatriot tourists who stayed in Taiwan under 90 nights (not including travelers that were making connection flights). The 2015 survey found that 56.8% of the tourists from Japan, Singapore or Malaysia visited Taipei before and 51.5% of the tourists from Hong Kong and Macau were return visitors within the last 3 years (2013-2015). Japanese tourists who are known for seeking high quality travel experiences, their willingness to revisit has an inclining trend. The survey showed an increase of 17% compares to 2014.
The things that will make foreign tourists to “accidentally” purchase is not only the air plane ticket, many tourists visit Taipei for the sole purpose of shopping. According to the research, not only 56.8% of the revisiting tourists’ purpose is to “tour,” the most popular locations to revisit are Ximending and the eastern district, 44.2% and 36.8% respectively. Travelers from Hong Kong and Macau love the refreshing and vivid Ximending. The Malaysian travelers prefer the eastern district’s fashion sense and allies filled with fun and interesting shops.
While visiting Taipei, going on a shopping spree is not the only must do on the itinerary, Taipei’s unique natural environments also attracts people to revisit. Scenic areas such as Yangmingshan and Beitou are hot spots for revisiting. Tourist expressed that “The most convenient and amazing thing about Taipei city is that, after hiking around in the nature, you can return to the city and continue your shopping spree with no time.”
According to the statistics, average stay duration for first time visitors coming to Taipei is 3.34 days; meanwhile it for return visit, it becomes 4.43 days. Most visitors feel Taipei is worth deeply visit, so they will plan to stay longer on their return visit to feel different experience.
Yu-yen CHIEN, Commissioner of the Department of Information and Tourism expressed that “Taipei, Always More Delights” is one of the goals that the Department of Information and Tourism has been working on. Aside from the delicacy, traffic and safety are what Taipei city are proud of. Rich and deep history, culture and kindness are the keys that attract travelers to revisit again and again. This year the Department of Information and Tourism will continue to push for even more friendly tourism environment and hope to achieve over 10 million travelers by the end of this year. We hope to make all the visitors feel at home, with ease, comfort, full of joy and laughter when revisiting Taipei.