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Mayor Attends Drug Bust Press Conference – Vows to Enforce Zero-Tolerance

Mayor at the drug bust press conference Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the drug bust press conference on September 25 and commented that drug prevention is something that is close to his heart as a physician. Therefore, he strategically regards drug users as patients, but drug producers and traffickers are considered as criminals, making a clear distinction between the two types of people. Measures are being implemented to rehabilitate drug users; the integrated process involves prevention, rehabilitation, and counseling.

The mayor mentioned that 90% of the drugs in Taiwan come from abroad, therefore seizing more than 50 bags of drugs valued at more than NT$100 million is no small feat. If the drugs had made their way into the market in Taiwan, they would have wreaked havoc on the country’s public security. He thanked the Police Department, Keelung Customs of Customs Administration, and the First Corp. of the Third Special Police Corps for their collaboration in intercepting the international drug traffickers.

According to Ko, besides traditional drugs such as heroin, emerging drugs are posing an even greater threat. The stance of Taipei City Government is unequivocal: first-time offenders will be given some leniency because perhaps the drugs are brought in by the customers of a hotel, restaurant, or night club. However, if drug offenses are found repeatedly in the same establishment, it is deemed to be supplying drugs or providing a venue for drug users, therefore the city government will crack down on these establishments without mercy. In light of this, Mayor Ko said that Taipei City Government has already penalized 3 hotels and 1 club through suspension of business, revocation of business, cutting off water and power, and compulsory demolition.

Mayor Ko also reiterated to the police that if repeat offenses are discovered, the establishment will be deemed to be supplying drugs or providing a venue for drug users, therefore the police should enforce the law without mercy. Lastly, he also appealed to citizens to call the Drug Enforcement Center hotline (02-2393-2393) if they spot any drug trafficking and production-related activities. In addition, please call the North Star hotline (0800-770-885) to report drug abusers.

After the meeting, when a journalist asked Mayor Ko if he was satisfied with the outcome of the crackdown on drugs, he replied that Taipei City Police Department adopts a forceful approach to eliminate drugs from the streets. Most importantly, drug enforcement is conducted on 2 fronts, where drug users are treated as patients, but drug producers and traffickers are not, they are punished to the full extent of the law as criminals.