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Registration Now Open for 2022 Metro Inter-School Street Dance Competition

Spokespeople B.T.O.D, guest Shu-yao Kuo invite students to participate in 1st high school/college street dance event
2022 Metro Inter-School Street Dance Competition
Not even COVID-19 can cool down the passion for street dance! This year's Metro Street Dance Competition was announced on March 21, amid keen expectation from all parties. The event will be headed by a new competitive category: the Metro Inter-School Street Dance Competition. Boy band B.T.O.D was chosen as the spokespeople for this year's inter-school street dance competition in May, with famous pop artist Shu-yao Kuo (Yau-Yau) acting as the guest of honor. Under the slogan "Taipei Metro is my dance floor," the competition will take place on the square outside Taipei Performing Arts Center, located next to Jiantan Metro Station. It's bound to be a bold and vibrant occasion, attended by youthful students competing for awards. 

Registration is now open until 9pm on May 13 (Friday) via the official website of the Metro Street Dance Competition

The Inter-School Competition consists of high school and university-level choreography events as well as a breaking battle event. Consistent with formal contest standards, the preliminary and final rounds will take place on two separate days. Senior high and college students are welcome to sign up. With breaking becoming an official sport at the 2024 Paris Olympics, we hope to encourage participants of our event to represent Taiwan on the international stage with their own dance moves to win an Olympic medal.

The press conference on March 21 was wrapped up by a performance from boy band B.T.O.D, this year's spokespeople who were originally discovered by the Metro Street Dance Competition. Members Ranny, ZiXian, Young, and Paul performed their new song "SB Counter Attack" to inspire all the lovers of dance to press forward and stay fearless despite any difficulties. Their leader Ranny talked about how, after winning the previous year's Metro Street Dance Competition, they had now come full circle by standing once more on the stage as the event's spokespeople. Popular artist Shu-yao Kuo (Yau-Yau) also joined B.T.O.D in promoting street dance during the press meet. At the Metro Inter-School Street Dance Competition, we open up the stage for people of all ages and genders to show off their singing and dancing skills.

The Preliminary Round is scheduled for May 21 (Saturday) and the Final Round will be on June 18 (Saturday). Both events will be held at the Taipei Performing Arts Center Outdoor Plaza next to Jiantan Metro Station. The Choreography Competition is split into two divisions: High School Division and College Division. The champions will be awarded NT$120,000, the first runner-up NT$80,000, the second runner-up NT$30,000, and outstanding performers NT$10,000 (three teams in each division).

Participants in the High School Division must be a student in their first year of high school (Grade 10) to their first year of college (born between September 1, 2002 and August 31, 2006). Due to the pandemic last year, age restrictions have been relaxed to include Class of 2021 graduates. Participants in the College Division must be a college student. Teams are school-based but there is no limit on the number of teams per school, and the same school can take part in different events. The bracket draw will be determined on-site on the day of the event. 

Auditions will be held on June 18 (Saturday), where contestants will advance to the Quarter-finals and Semi-finals. The final competition will be held on the same day at the Taipei Performing Arts Center Outdoor Plaza next to Jiantan Metro Station. The champions will be awarded NT$60,000, the runner-up NT$30,000, and the second runner-up NT$10,000. The teams are school-based but there is no limit on the number of teams per school. 

The Metro Inter-school Street Dance Competition has been organized jointly by Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, Tycoon Group, and Cathay United Bank. Energy and passion are bound to burn brightly at this event. The Metro Street Dance Competitions have nurtured many great dancers and groups over the years, and we hope that the promotion of these events can continually act as a positive advocate for the strength and beauty of dance. 

Visit the official website of the Metro Street Dance Competition for contest details, important dates, and registration information. Alternatively, you may call Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation’s 24-hour Customer Hotline at 02-218-12345 or the Taipei Citizen Hotline at 1999 (02-2720-8889 if dialed from outside Taipei City).