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Affected by the peripheral circulation of Typhoon Mawar, there will be gust wind and rain shower in the Taipei City. Citizen should prepare for it.

Typhoon MAWAR, typhoon NO.2 of 2023, began to move northward and passed through the eastern seas of Taiwan on May 30. The Central Weather Bureau issued a sea warning for the typhoon at 20:30, May 29th. Affected by the peripheral circulation of Typhoon Mawar, there will be gust wind and rain shower in the Taipei City. Besides, there will be heavy rain in the mountain area. As a precaution, Taipei City Fire Department urges citizens to get prepared prior to typhoon invasion and stay at home to prevent damages brought by severe winds and heavy rains. 

Taipei City Fire Department also points out that citizens are encouraged to visit Taipei Disaster Prevention Website (https://www.eoc.gov.taipei/) or download Taipei City Disaster Prevention App to stay with the latest weather information, potential flooding areas and evacuation plans. 

What should Taipei citizens do to get prepared prior to typhoon invasion:

  • You can call 119, 110 and 1999 to ask for help or report emergency cases during an emergency situation. 
  • It’s safe to stay at home during a typhoon day. Do not go outside unless it’s necessary. If there is a shortage of electricity, please use your flashlights. Do not use candles as it may cause secondary disaster, for example fires. 
  • Call 1999 to request dredging sewer or waste removal. 
  • Move as early as possible to places of higher elevation in case your residence is located in a low place prone to flooding.
  • You should gather emergency supplies, which may include radio, flash light, first aid tools, food, water and so forth. 
  • Inspect power circuits and gas ranges to prevent fires.
  • Close and secure non-essential doors and windows, and brace with nail-fastened wood board or adhesive tapes.
  • Secure or remove billboards in construction sites to avoid possible injuries caused by blown-off objects.
  • Evacuation immediately if the city government announce a warning. 
  • Prepare water pumping machines or use sandbags to block water if your house has basements. Taipei citizens can borrow sandbags from Taipei District Office. 
  • Never touch broken or fallen power lines. Notify power company to check.
  • In your house or workplace, prepare an emergency go-bag with essential items like water, food, important document copies, cashes, drugs, gloves, flashlights, radio, battery, cloth, blankets, rain coats, tissue papers, towels, paper and pencil, keys and knife.