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Come to the Roadside Banquet! 2019 Muzha Green Bamboo Shoots Feast

* Entering the 29th year, Muzha Green Bamboo Shoots Feast sees such enthusiastic participation every year that the spots are sold out in no time!

The 2019 Wenshan Tea and Bamboo Shoots Folk Culture Festival - Muzha Green Bamboo Shoots Feast was held at the Laoquan Granary of Muzha District Farmers’ Association tonight (June 21), drawing nearly 1,000 participants and creating a lively ambiance. The feast was hosted in the form of a roadside banquet using local ingredients from Muzha, such as premium green bamboo shoots. Culinary techniques including cold dish, stir-fry, steaming, stewing, and pickling were applied to offer the public a taste of authentic, sweet, fresh flavors of green bamboo shoots.

The Department of Economic Development (DOED) suggested that Tie Guan Yin Tea, Yunhong black tea, and green bamboo shoots are considered the three treasures of Muzha. In particular, the total plantation area of green bamboo shoots amounts to 149 hectares, making it the top production region in Taipei City in terms of output and value. According to Muzha District Farmers’ Association Chairman Hsu Chi-ming, the green bamboo shoot is the specialty crop of Muzha District and one of the key dimensions of agricultural development in Taipei City, therefore Muzha District Farmers’ Association strives to promote the green bamboo shoot industry within its territory.

Besides encouraging bamboo shoot farmers to attend various competitions to elevate their cultivation skills, they are also encouraged to accept assistance provided by the DOED and undergo green bamboo shoot pesticide residue testing in order to boost confidence among consumers.

If you wish to sample the delectable flavors of Muzha’s green bamboo shoots, come to the first floor of Muzha District Farmers’ Association Mondays through Fridays before the end of August (open for business at 08:00 every morning, while stocks last), or visit the TAIPEI EXPO Farmer’s Market every Saturday and Sunday. The green bamboo shoots sold are guaranteed fresh and of the highest quality, everyone is welcome to make their purchase at the respective sites. Contact number: (02)2939-8021#214 (Muzha District Farmers’ Association Promotion Department – Ms. Chou Li-jung).

For additional information on these interesting events, please browse the “臺北市產業局–台北饗樂趣” Facebook fan page or the official website of the DOED.