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​Registration for 2022 Taipei Hackathon Kicks-off on November 29

​Registration for 2022 Taipei Hackathon Kicks-off on November 29The 2022 Taipei City Government Mayor’s Cup Data Application Hackathon will be accepting registrations starting November 29!
By organizing the Taipei Hackathon, the city government seeks to implement innovation in the public sector and strengthen the effort in digital governance implementation by encouraging employees and students to explore the value-adding possibilities of materials made available through the city’s open data policy under the public-private-partnership framework.
Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Taipei Hackathon was forced to adjust its format to comply with pandemic prevention measures. Nonetheless, the competition attracted numerous innovative teams and received exciting proposals which address city governance challenges. For example, the participants in the student category presented a solution combining smart surveillance with IoT devices to realize an AI item detection mechanism which helps drivers locate empty parking spaces.
Likewise, a team enrolled in the city government category introduced a platform dedicated to city venue rental services and information. This solution enhances public venue utilization through efficient processing of venue rental applications and simplifying the procedures for citizens.
The competition in 2022 will spotlight “Taipei Smart City 1+7 Domains” as the theme, exploring applications from the perspectives of smart government, smart security, smart building, smart transportation, smart education, smart healthcare, smart environment, and smart economy. The city government welcomes those interested to sign up and test their expertise through real world scenarios.
The deadline for registration is December 30. A jury comprising city officials and industry professionals will choose a total of 20 works from the pool of submissions to advance to the finals taking place on April 10, 2022. Three winners in each category will bring home a maximum of NT$10,000 in cash prize and a trophy.
For more details, please visit the official Chinese webpage of the hackathon  or call the hotline of the Department of Information Technology (TEL: 02-2720-8889, ext. 8585).