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Neihu Extreme Sports Ground Reopens after Complete Overhaul

Following renovations in April, the Extreme Sports Ground inside the Neihu Sports Park has been reopened to the public. Admission to the facility is completely free.
According to the Sewerage Systems Office (SSO), the 3.8-hectare sports park built on top of the underground sewage treatment plant located next to Minquan Bridge contains several extreme sports facilities, as well as rock-climbing wall, sand pits, landscape pool, children play area, and exercise equipment.
The ideal sports and leisure environment attracts extreme sports athletes to practice in the area, as well students and amateur athletes – even professional athletes occasionally visit the facilities.
The Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant is responsible for processing the waste water from households located in the eastern districts of Taipei City. The plant can process up to 240,000 tons of waste water on a daily basis, helping to improving living standards and quality of the environment in urban areas.
Plant director Chang Hsien-te remarked that the extreme sports facilities located above the plant are open daily between morning and 10:30 PM. The facilities also appeared in episodes of TV series including episodes from “Dear Mom,” “King Flower,” and “Better Man.”
1. Bus: Routes 552, 63, S2, and BL26 (disembark at Neihu Sports Park stop); routes 204 and 518 (disembark at Xinhu and Xingzhong Intersection stop and walk for 3 minutes).
2. Driving: There is a free parking lot on the west side of the park after drivers pass through Tiding Boulevard Section 1 (Motorcyclists can take Jiouzong Road Section 2 (Note: the parking lot does not have motorcycle parking spaces).