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Secretariat, Taipei City Government

City News

In order to implement the E-government, reduce carbon emission and conserve energy, Taipei City Government will launch the invoice verification system on line in the last half year of 2018.

Ministry of Finance (MOF) is actively promoting the E-invoice system. These years the amount of E-invoice has grown up to 6.5 billion per year, which accounts for 70 percent of total invoice. TCG Endeavors to promote the E-invoice by combining with MOF's "Integrate Invoice Service System".


Hoping that government accounting system not only can connect with business E-commerce system, but also be a E-government that reduce carbon emission and conserve energy.


Department of Finance of TCG announced that 138 units will be online in the last half year of 2018. Any purchase amount which under NTD$100,000(approx.USD3, 390) will force to be adopted in the system. Hoping business who supply merchandise to TCG can issue E-invoice and make a bigger effort to be a eco-friendly together.