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Inaugural Shennong Harvest Fair Kicks-off in Shilin District

The Shennong Harvest Festival features booths offering goods made from natural ingredientsTo highlight the local characteristics of Taipei’s respective commercial districts, the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) assisted the Shilin MRT Commercial District Innovative Development Association in organizing the 2020 Shennong Harvest Festival. The event took place at the plaza outside Exit 1 of MRT Shilin Station from October 9 through 11.
The festival spotlights events such as local store reviews, rice popularity award, therapeutic ambassador contest, and a series of stalls offering goods and services spanning cultural creativity goods, produce from independent farmers, healthy diet ingredients, and herbal applications. The organizers also invited professional actors to stage a “Shennong Cultural Drama” to allow visitors to experience a different harvesting season.
According to TCOOC, this is the first time in 2020 for the agency to support the Shilin MRT Commercial District Innovative Development Association in holding a promotional event to center on a local attraction – the century-old Shilin Shennong Temple. Through this activity, it hopes to highlight the harvest-centered Shennong culture from Taiwan’s early periods, as well as to market the produce from small and independent farmers. It will also select 3 Therapeutic Ambassadors to appear in a promo clip introducing the commercial district.
The Association’s Chairman Cheng Chi-hsiang pointed out that the Shennong Harvest Festival emphasizes quality agricultural produce by inviting independent farmers to show their goods, as well as arranging a rice showcase to allow visitors to try out the different types of quality rice raised in Taiwan. There are also classes on herbal applications, enabling participants to learn about traditional Chinese medicine and their application in day-to-day environment from knowledgeable professionals.
Furthermore, there will be a raffle event for those shopping at the fair. For purchases of NT$500 or more, customers will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win prizes.
For more information, please visit the association’s Chinese Facebook fan page (https://reurl.cc/A84YvE) or the Chinese Facebook fan page of TCOOC (www.facebook.com/tcooc/).