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Embarking on a River Trip Paddling Handmade Canoes

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the opening ceremony for the 2016 Cool Summer River Adventure Festival in the morning of June 20. The event also saw the maiden voyage of new canoes crafted by students from Guandu Elementary School.
During his address, Ko remarked that Taipei is a city surrounded by mountains and rivers. However, waterfront activities have often been overlooked in the past. He instructed the Department of Information and Tourism to figure out ways to bring residents closer to the riverside.
He noted that the City will host a series of activities throughout the summer to bring the riverbank closer to the public, including the upcoming Jazz Music Festival, Dajia Riverside Park summer fun activities, and the Dadaocheng Music Festival in September.
The mayor pointed out that Taiwan is a seafaring nation by nature. Guandu Elementary School is also the elementary school in the northern-most part of Tamsui River. Located next to the riverside, the geographical advantage is maximized by having students create canoes as part of their graduation project.
Learning to make a canoe requires team effort, as well as related knowledge. The project gives students a chance to utilize their creativity in aspects such as education, sports, and culture. He encourages the school to expand on this tradition and make it a part of Taipei’s culture.