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Lohas Bear Carnival at Shilin Presidential Residence

The Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) is joining hands with Taiwan Teddy Bear Association (TWTBA) in organizing the Lohas Bear Carnival—a one-month-long showcase featuring both indoor and outdoor exhibitions with the theme of Teddy Bear and other bears.
Following the initial showcase in Taichung, the event arrived at the Shilin Presidential Residence in Taipei and will meet the public’s eye starting January 16. An amazing collection of one hundred life-size bear installations against a backdrop of seas of flowers is sure to leave visitors in awe.
Highlights of the showcase include two Lohas bear green sculptures measuring 2.5 meters high and an inflatable, 7-meter-tall Lohas bear. In addition, handmade Teddy Bears by craftsmen from over 20 countries will complement a classical garden with a touch of contemporary design.
The exhibition also employs IoT technologies to boost visitors’ interactive experience. By downloading the “CheckMe” mobile application, exhibition-goers can scan the QR code located at the base of the bear installations to learn more about the brand stories behind the bears. Users will also have a chance to exchange points collected from the app’s activities for souvenirs.
TWTBA will hold Teddy Bear sewing classes for those who are interested in making a unique bear of their own on January 23 and 31, respectively. Other activities during the exhibition period include outdoor concerts and picnics.

Lohas Bear Carnival
Date: Saturday, January 16 – Thursday, February 18
Opening Hours: 8 AM – 7 PM (Floriculture Exhibition Hall closes at 5 PM)
Website: http://www.teddycarnival.com.tw (Chinese)
Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/TeddyCarnival
Address: No.60, Fulin Road, Shilin District