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Taipei Announces Launch of 2019 Twin-City Forum on July 4

* On June 23, Taipei City Government Spokesperson Liu Yi-ting announced that after deliberations by both parties, the 2019 Twin-City Forum will take place in Shanghai on July 4. Mayor Ko Wen-je will attend the forum in person. This year’s forum will focus on public concerns including economic and trade exchange, innovation, and industry exchange.

According to Liu Yi-ting, the forum will be inspired by the theme of Innovation, Cooperation, and Future, with 4 sub-forums such as Biotechnology Industry Exchange Sub-forum, Medical Technology Development Sub-forum, Culture Sub-forum, and Youth Entrepreneurship and Smart City Sub-forum to explore the future development model of cities.

In particular, the Biotechnology Industry Exchange Sub-forum will take a look at high added value industries with positive future outlooks from an industry development point of view; the Medical Technology Development Sub-forum delves into cutting-edge medical care technology and care models to conduct bilateral experience sharing; the Culture Sub-forum hopes to share the unique developments that have taken place in the 2 cities from the human perspective; lastly, the Youth Entrepreneurship and Smart City Sub-forum represents the innovativeness and vitality of the city, exchanging development blueprints for future intelligent management and youth entrepreneurship.

Liu stated that, over the last decade or so, Taipei and Shanghai have posted remarkable achievements at the Twin-City Forum in areas such as city governance, cultural arts, sports competitions, and industry exchanges.

Numerous twin-city exchange events have been held, including the 2019 Taipei Lantern Festival – Shanghai Lantern Area, Mountain and Sea - Music Festival of Two Cities (Taipei and Shanghai), and the 2019 Cross-Strait Four Cities Dragon Boat Cultural Exchange and Competition scheduled for the first half of the year. More events are slated for the second half of the year, such as the 2019 Strait Cup Basketball Invitation – Taipei Tour, Shanghai Marathon Invitational, Taipei Marathon Invitational, and Taipei Tourism Promotional Activity.