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[Typhoon Nepartak] No Vehicle Access to Riverside Parking Areas, Bus Services Adjusted Accordingly

In light of Typhoon Nepartak’s possible landing, vehicles will be banned from entering the riverside parking areas for Zhongshan, Songshan, Shilin, Wanhau, and Datong districts.

Starting at 7 AM on July 7, all vehicles are prohibited from entering the water gates, thereby restricting access to the riverbank parking areas in the aforementioned districts. No restrictions for cars leaving.

In addition, the Department of Transportation has announced the following adjustments to city bus services:

1. BR 20 will not stop at the “Meiti Wharf” bus stop during this period. The bus will take the temporary detour: Lequn Second Road – Jingye Third Road – MRT Jiannan Road Station.
2. R33 will not stop at the “Yanping Temple” bus stop and “Dadaocheng Dock” bus stop. The bus will take the detour: Minsheng W. Road – Xining No. Road – Changan W. Road – Tacheng Street – Zhengzhou Road – Xining N. Road – Minsheng W. Road.
3. G17 will turn around at “MRT Beimen Station” bus stop, taking the detour: Tacheng Street – Zhonghua Road. The service will skip the following stops: Yanping Temple, Dadaocheng Dock, TCUH Zhongxin Branch (Tacheng), Yuquan Li, Nanjing Xining Intersection, and Minsheng and Xining Intersection.
4. Regular services will resume following the lifting of access restrictions to flood gate parking areas.

For more information on bus services adjustments, please visit the 5284 bus information website (5284.taipei.gov.tw)(Chinese) or the mobile version website (pda.5284.com.tw). Information is also available by calling the information hotline (0800-005284).

DOT reminds the public to visit the agency’s Chinese website (www.dot.gov.taipei) or call the 1999 Citizens Hotline for the latest traffic adjustments during the typhoon period.