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Mayor Touts Strength in Local Textile Industry at Universiade Apparel Donation Ceremony

Mayor Ko Wen-je received a donation of 80,000 pieces of clothing for 2017 Taipei Universiade staff from Fu Hsun Fiber Industries Co. at Taipei Stadium as part of the City’s effort to promote the international sports event.
The Taiwan-based company will sponsor apparel from hats to pants for volunteers and staff members during the games as well as garments for promotional purposes.
Ko observed that half of the world’s firefighter clothing and 85 percent of leotards worn by American rhythmic gymnasts are manufactured in Taiwan. In the 2014 World Cup, athletes from more than ten countries were competing against each other dressed in made-in-Taiwan jerseys. Adding that he was impressed at the cut resistant fabric during a trip to Wanhua garment district, the mayor stressed that the textile industry is a source of pride for the island.
The hosting of 2017 Summer Universiade is significant for Taiwan as it presents an opportunity to increase the island’s international profile. It is with this objective that the city government has sought to solicit sponsors mainly from the island.
Ko expressed his gratitude to Fu Hsun Fiber Industries for the generous donation. He remarked that city staff will be asked to wear Universiade clothing from now on as a way to promote the sports event while helping market Taiwan’s prowess in the textile sector.