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Mayor Visits Temple, Prays for Success of Universiade Games

On January 29, Mayor Ko Wen-je visited several temples across the city, including Songshan Cihui Temple, Songshan Ciyou Temple, Guandu Temple, Xiahai Temple of the City God, and Taipei Provincial City God Temple.
During his visit to the temples, the mayor stated that the 2017 Summer Universiade will take place this year. It is not only important for Taipei City, but also for Taiwan. He noted that when he prays, he is hoping for the event to proceed successfully, as well as for the smooth implementation of city policies. Finally, he would like to wish the audience happiness and joy for the entire year.
At Ciyou Temple, the mayor noted that the second day of the Chinese New Year is still considered the start of the year, and he wishes everyone health and success, as well as peace for the nation.
Responding to media questions about his new suit and his preferences for suit colors, the mayor replied that he wasn’t sure whether his new outfit was tailor-made, because his wife gave it to him and instructed him to wear the suit when he appears on the stage next to President Tsai Ing-wen.
Regarding the colors, Ko noted that the choice was made by his wife, so don’t ask about whether he likes it or not. As for wearing the suit to meet the President, the mayor remarked that since society requires so, he’ll just follow along.