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The Department of Urban Development will propose a complete urban renewal strategy and matching old building inspection plan.

Taipei has been executing the old house inspection plan for three years, which is a demo plan pioneer in Taiwan and has assisted the inspection of 490 old neighborhoods. After the Tainan earthquake in early February 2016, the Central Government made a good move by applying Taipei’s strategy to the southern cities in Taiwan. Taipei City Mayor Ko has demanded an urban renewal strategy within one month of the earthquake, which comparing to the old building inspection plan is more complete and helpful to the citizens combining the ideas of urban renewal, construction management, and public work, including old building inspection plan and its matched building reinforcement and reconstruction plan.
The Department of Urban Development stated that, aiming at the subsequent development after the earthquake, the Mayor decided not to solve the problems with short-term responses. Within the next two weeks, the two Taipei deputy mayors: Charles Lin and Chia-chi Deng will host a meeting to list, confirm, and solve the problems observed from Tainan earthquake, including soil liquefaction and old building inspections. It should contain disaster prevention tasks and preparedness & response strategies including old house inspection, urban renewal plan, urban disaster prevention, base system of disaster relief, and disaster prevention & relief infrastructure plans.
The Department of Urban Development will propose a complete urban renewal strategy execution plan, proposing a matching old building inspection and public urban renewal strategy from the perspective of urban disaster prevention to assist more neighborhoods and citizens achieving residency safeties.