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No more parking spaces finding hassle following the start of parking charge.

Taipei City began charging the city’s street parking spaces on December 1st. The analysis of 44 roads and sections by Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office (PMA) showed that the parking rotation rate has risen up to 2.6 times than the prior time with no parking fee, which means that the existing problem of long-time occupying parking spots has been greatly enhanced toward the goal of the measure.

PMA also indicated that the main purpose of the street parking space is aim to provide citizens the needs of short time parking, so people can easily find a space to park, which indirectly eases the traffic impact by the finding of parking spaces. As for the long time parking needs, the parking should be away from the roads such as to park in a parking lot building. According to the PMA’s investigation, since the launch of this policy, the inquiry of monthly parking in public parking lots has increased up to 20 percent, showing the trend of shifting the long time parking needs from roads to the parking lots away from roads. With respect to some lanes and alleys with no parking grids, the parking spaces will be replanned and redesigned through “Neighborhood Traffic Improvement Project” in the future.
Also, to coordinate the two days off on weekends starting from January 1st, 2016, PMA has planned not to charge parking spaces located at lanes or alleys which are less than 8 meters long on Saturdays unless the roads are for business purposes, and PMA will later modify and adjust the parking fee within a certain time period to reflect the real-time parking needs of every roads.