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Collaboration with Mika Ninagawa and Akira Higashiyama to expand into the Japanese Tourism Market

Taipei City has collaborated with internationally known photographer Mika Ninagawa and author Akira Higashiyama in order to attract Japanese tourists to Taipei and “Feel Taipei” in their travels. The Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism officially announced that the tickets for Taipei tourism produced from the collaboration between Eva Airline and KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd. as officially gone on sale at the press conference in Harajuku, Tokyo on July 13th. Japanese tourists could receive the limited “Feel Taipei” gift bags including an EasyCard designed by Mika Ninagawa and a “Feel Taipei” pamphlet by Akira Higashiyama by taking part in selected tours. The gift bags are meant to allow Japanese tourists to see Taipei through the eyes of Ninagawa and Higashiyama. Additionally, “Taipei Sweetheart” will also go on sale in over 11,000 Family Marts all over Japan on July 19th.

The Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan Chang-ting Hsieh explains that although he used to be the mayor of Kaoshiung, he grew up in Dihua St. in the Datong District of Taipei. He also states that the Chenghuang Temple on Dihua St. has over 160 years of history and is also a magnificent place for Taiwanese grocery shopping. Hsieh further invites everyone to visit and experience the allure of Taipei.

Commissioner Yu-yen Chien of the Department of Information and Tourism explains that the Japanese tourism market is very important to Taipei and that she wishes to show Japanese tourists a different side of Taipei through the collaboration with known artists and large companies. Taipei has often been the top choice of Japanese polls for oversea destinations due to the friendly citizens, secure public safety, delicacies, beautiful scenery, the geographical proximity and the friendly relations with Japan that Taipei offers. The total number of Japanese tourists to Taipei in 2015 has exceeded 1.5 million, making Japanese tourists the second largest foreign visitors to Taipei. The number of Japanese tourists to Taipei from January to May of 2016 has reached 710 thousand, a growth of 19.33% compared to the same time last year. According to the Japanese Ministry of Justice, most of the people taking oversea trips in Japan are young, urban females.

The Department of Information and Tourism has invited the internationally famed photographer Mika Ninagawa who is also very popular among Japanese female to use her expertise in photographing flowers to photograph in Taipei. Ninagawa has visited Taipei for about 30 times already and thinks that the most appealing aspect of Taipei lays in its bonds between people and the integration of history and modernity. Ninagawa’s work this time is based on the Taipei City Flower, Azalea and has made her work into limited edition EasyCards. Meanwhile, author Akira Higashiyama has developed five themed tours to express his sentiments towards Taipei: history, promenade, delicacies, shopping, and partying. Higashiyama believes that reflecting back to the past while trying new things and taking a stroll while enjoying local food is the epitome of travelling in Taipei and is also what makes Taipei so appealing. The Department of Information and Tourism also hopes to allow visitors to experience the warmth of Taipei through the words of Akira Higashiyama.

The newest souvenir of Taipei, the “Taipei Sweetheart” will also make its debut in Japan. The Department of Information and Tourism has collaborated with the Family Marts of Japan to advertise and sell the “Taipei Sweetheart” and Lychee Drinks in over 11,000 Family Marts all over Japan. The “Taipei Sweetheart” is a macaron with a rosy pink outer shell with raspberry flavoured nougat as the filling. The vibrant colours and the layers of flavours symbolise the passionate and fashionable Taipei that is also filled with friendly citizens. Along with the “Taipei Sweetheart,” the Family Mart of Japan has also created a salted lychee drink, the lychee drink was made from Taiwanese lychee with a hint of salt to flavour the drink and is perfect for a summer day. The pairing of the desserts of sweet and sour is a perfect combination and is estimated to be sold for two weeks from July 19th to August 1st.

The KNT-CT, a travel agency in Japan has also created tours specific to Taipei that go on sale today. There are whole packaged tours as well as backpacking tours that include the plane ticket and stays at hotels with a super affordable three-day tour at under 40,000 Japanese yen. Those who love to travel can have a weekend trip in Taipei anytime they want! Additionally, Japanese visitors who take part in selected “Feel Taipei” tours can also receive a limited EasyCard designed by Mika Ninagawa, a “Feel Taipei” pamphlet from Akira Higashiyama and other gifts. After the autumn tours by KNT-CT, Eva Airlines will also collaborate with 21 travel agencies in Japan to create winter tour items. The deals will be introduced at the JATA Tourism Expo Japan in late September. All visitors are welcome to experience the appeal of Taipei throughout the year.
Feel Taipei Website: http://japan.travel.taipei/(Japan)