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Information of Spot Rewards for Outstanding Groups and Persons of the Taipei City Government

In order to encourage and motivate its employees and offer spot rewards to individuals or groups with outstanding performances or major contributions, the City Government has formulated the “Regulations Governing the Payment for Performance Result Bonuses of the Taipei City Government and Its Affiliated Agencies and Schools”, based on which the procedures for recommendation, review, and praise of outstanding groups and individuals are conducted to serve the principle of proper rewards for work well-done, and combining working performance with actual rewards.
Upon investigation, since January 2015, before the above-mentioned spot reward was in effect, the Department has issued NTD4,574.4 thousand to 137 outstanding groups and NTD837 thousand to 48 outstanding individuals. The honored groups and individuals were handed the awards by the Mayor in person at the Municipal Administrative Meeting, and made known to the public on the “Taipei Personnel Briefing”.