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Taipei Metro Bus to Hit the Road July 5

Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong inaugurated the “Taipei Metro Bus” in a press event on July 4. The five new main line buses—Renai, Dunhua, Songjiang Xinsheng, and Neihu—will commence services on July 5.
According to Lin, the “last mile” of Taipei’s track transportation development is to integrate bus lines and maximize the use of bus network. As the first stage of the integration effort, the main line buses will be followed by branch lines, micro-cycle lines, and others.
With the MRT network across Taipei and New Taipei covering 117 stations and 123 kilometers, the main line buses will serve to complement the MRT system. The buses will operate on a headway of 4 - 6 minutes at peak times and 5 – 10 minutes off peak times.
Residents will be able to inquire about the information of Taipei Metro Bus via mobile apps. To encourage utilization of the new bus lines, riders will enjoy half-price transfers between the main line buses and city buses across Taipei and New Taipei.
Department of Transportation Commissioner Chang Jer-yang noted that a budget of NT$60 million has been set aside to expand the number of thoroughfare bus lines next year. A total of 16 such lines are slated to be implemented by the end of 2018.