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Accessible Taxis Join Long-Term Care Transportation

Long-Term Care Transportation Medical care or rehabilitation transportation arrangements for senior citizens with disabilities require extensive planning in advance for the family. To help alleviate transportation needs for disabled senior citizens during peak hours, the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) has expanded the capacity of their shuttle service by joining forces with private transport service providers.

A total of 65 accessible taxis and other accessible vehicles have been made available in July 2019 to accommodate long-term care citizens' transport needs for medical care and rehabilitation during peak hours, thereby lessening the burden on care workers. The DSW has provided Shuttle Services for Long-term Care Patients since 2009.

In 2018, 40 accessible vehicles were recruited to offer such services, but with an increasingly aging society, demand for the shuttle service has also risen every year. In an effort to expand the shuttle service’s capacity, the DSW has increased the number of accessible vehicles from 40 to 50 in early 2019 to make medical care and rehabilitation transport service more convenient for senior citizens.

Now, collaboration has been made with private transport service providers to make 65 more accessible taxis available. Those who qualify for this service will be given a monthly transport allowance of NT$1,680; depending on the welfare status of the user, 70%-100% of the transport cost will be subsidized. Senior citizens aged 65 and above, disabled persons aged 50 and above, indigenous people aged between 55 and 64, and dementia patients above the age of 50 living in the city may apply to utilize the service, provided they have been evaluated by the Care Management Center as level 4 long-term care patients with medical care or rehabilitation needs.

If you wish to apply for the service, please dial the 1966 Long-term Care Service Hotline or visit the Care Management Center in person. Citizens are welcome to make use of this convenient service!